Fitness for our Future.
The Project

The HBCU Wellness Project has trained Student Health Ambassadors (SHAs), engaged in community residents, collaborated with community based and faith based organizations and institutions, civic departments, and each other —all for one single purpose — to promote change in knowledge, attitude, and behavior. 

Empowering Our Future's Next Generation

Education. Training. Health. Community.


Over 850 SHAs


More Than 650 CITI Trained SHAs


Over 345 IRB Approved Protocols


More than 1080 Community Outreach Activities Conducted


Over 65,000 Tennessee Residents Impacted
Student Health Ambassadors

Where Are They Now? 


Former Student Health Ambassador

Lane College

“I am currently pursuing my Masters of Public Health degree from South University (Savannah, GA), and after I graduate (in 2021), I’m planning to attain a Doctorate of Public Health. My ultimate goal is to actively be on the frontlines helping to prevent the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic by becoming either a lobbyist , healthcare administrator, or infectious disease outreach educator."

Expanding Our Outreach

Knoxville College Reopens

We are pleased to welcome Knoxville College (Knoxville, Tenn.) back as they continue to reorganize as an academic institution of higher learning.  Knoxville College has a rich and storied history of successfully educating students in our global world.  Many have become teachers, physicians, nurses, scientists, business executives, healthcare professionals, and other industry leaders.  

Community Partners
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Phone: 615-327-5916

 1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Boulevard Nashville, TN 37208

HBCU Wellness Project is located on the second floor of the Old Hospital, in the West Wing, Suite 248.

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This Project is sponsored through an appropriation by the State of Tennessee's Legislative Black Caucus.