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Austin Peay University

Clarksville, Tennessee


Lessons learned from this project are:

  • It is difficult to gather student participants to meet at a scheduled time due to the variety of each individual's schedule.

  • More individuals were willing to participate when they were able to do on their time and at their discretion. As indicated with the Google survey gathering 67% of participants.

  • The majority of participants indicated that they were willing to receive the vaccine but wanted to wait for others to receive it first in fear of potential side effects.

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Lessons learned from this project include:

  • People perceptions of what COVD-19 is varies depending on life experiences and where they get their news and information.

  • It is important to be sensitive and understanding of the target audience beliefs in health care, policies, and in a crisis. Reassuring the audience that they are entitled to their opinion when it comes to changes in health and ways of living is crucial.

  • Offering insight, answers and, reliable resources to the community will be the gateway of change during COVID-19. In the target population there was more to lose than to gain.

  • By offering updated resources to the community it will provide possible attitude and behavioral change of the spread of COVID-19 and willingness to receive the vaccine.

  • It is easier to persuade and promote health change to target audience when there is more evidence-based information, more research conducted, and less fear- based news provided.

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Lessons learned from this project include:

  • Community Partners advertising helped me gain a larger audience for my research

  • Voluntary research is more difficult then if you were to find your subjects for the research

  • Participants are less likely to join in the study I performed without receiving something in return for their time

  • African American men and women participants are wary of the vaccine and most are not willing to take it after it becomes available

  • A large Majority of the participants get the flu shot but are not willing to receive the Covid – 19 vaccine

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Lessons learned from this project are:

  • The easiest form of communication during this research was through social media (APSU student forum).Response times have the potential to be almost instant.

  • It is difficult to get participants in the assisted living community due to the lack of interest and capability to partake in the listening sessions.

  • Covid-19 restrictions set in place by facilities has made it difficult to visit and gather information from the assisted living communities due to their vulnerability to the virus.

  • It is also difficult to gather participants on campus due to inconvenience and lack of interest to partake. With social media, students feel it is less time-consuming to provide feedback due to the lack of interaction

  • Getting to do this research has allowed me to better understand the effects on certain demographics that I may not have had the opportunity to be exposed to before.

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