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Knoxville College

Knoxville, Tennessee

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I learned that 50% of my participants felt strongly about the modification of the First Amendment for pandemics only. They feel they are their brothers keeper (they are willing to give up some liberties to protect all human beings when it comes to a health crises). We obey laws that force us to wear seat belts, helmets, adhere to speed limits, and reframe from drunk driving. These laws save millions of lives annually. A mask mandate, if adopted as law, can save additional lives as well.  Perhaps the 1st Amendment would have to be modified to ensure life saving practices and not that the Government is restricting our personal freedoms. 

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Lessons learned from this project are:

  • Everyone felt some level of fear during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • A lack of knowledge regarding what to do if they were to contract the virus, adjusting to the limited freedom of venturing outdoors, feeling confined at home, increased anxiety due to not being able to work, limited ability to take care of self or family, and coping with the loss of loved ones,

  • People are concerned if the vaccine is safe, how will the vaccine affect their health if they have pre- existing conditions.

  • Understanding the process of transmission, applying the simple steps to reduce the spread of the virus, and adjusting to the new “normal” society.

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Lessons learned from this project are:

  • Three out of three of families had a difficult time with online learning and having to work during the pandemic.

  • Most African American families are against the COVID-19 vaccine because of fear of side effects.

  • Ongoing research is crucial to disseminating ethical, peer reviewed information for stratgeies.

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